s t u d i o - e l s j a c o b s - g a l l e r y
l n t e r l o o p i n g  l a b
entrevue – encounters – connections

In Brussels, Els creates an interspace where different layers can function together between intentional control and relinquishment, between liberal and applied arts.

Her work searches and investigates, it starts and keeps moving: la boucle continue, interlooping knitting consists of one thread that makes connections through loops. Els draws with the texture and colour of threads. This becomes the motive for multiple research projects, series which range from clothing, e.g. scarves, blankets and carpets, to free work without any specific application.

Els’s œuvre is about connections and the effected journey. The followed path becomes apparent through the use of various tools and shows both fast and spontaneous actions, as well as monitored operations. There is interaction between the mechanical and the manual processes.

Els studied at the ‘École nationale supérieure des arts visuels de La Cambre’, where she specialized in knitting techniques. She has been active in this field since 2006, both with mechanical and manual work, and she has collaborated with knitting companies, as well as with other designers. In addition, she acquired experience as a teacher of textile techniques at an academic level. From 2010 until 2015 she owned her own shop, ‘vitrine/atelier’ in Ghent.

The present event, called 'entrevue’, gives Els the opportunity to organize encounters with other artists, who make themselves familiar with certain materials or techniques. For one year, from September 2017 to September 2018, and in four presentations her space in Brussels will show the work of five artists.

vitrine/atelier Ghent


villersstraat | rue de villers 2, Bxl
thu-fri-sat 13-17.45h 
+ by appointment 
+32 0 472 612 329